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Restrapping Tips

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1. How wide is the strapping? It is typically 1 – ½ “or 2” wide.

2. Are the straps attacked by single-wrap or double-wrap? Single-wrap is easy for the average homeowner; double-wrap is very difficult.

3. Chair and lounge frames that are double-wrapped can easily be converted to single wrap, which is what I would suggest. If the old straps were double-wrapped and the holes are drilled on the bottom of the tubing, simply drill the holes to 1/4-inch on inside of frame.

Custom Outdoor Furniture can custom cut your straps for you.

Following is all the information you should need. Prices are at the bottom of the below info and all strapping material will be shipped collect.

Please Contact me if you have any further questions.

Gregg Holshouser

(843) 651-9633

Vinyl Strap Application

1. Using a sewing tape, measure around the framing or furniture from hole to hole as the strap goes around the frame. There may be more than one length on the frame. For example, the back of a lounge may be different length than the seat.

2. Reduce that measured by 11% to get the correct tension for the straps. (Inches x .89 = )

3. If you are cutting your own straps from a coil of vinyl, cut straps with tin snips, round off the end of each strap, and drill a ¼” hole in each end for the nylon pins. Make sure the holes in the frame are also ¼” holes.

4. Heat the Straps for approximately 5 minutes in almost boiling water.

5. Apply hot strap to frame by inserting the nylon pin through the strap hole and into the frame hole. Then stretch the strap to the opposite side and insert the nylon pin in that hole.

When the strap cools, it will have the correct tension for seating.

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